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Our cookies policy educates as how cookies are utilized on this site. The policy is subject to amendments periodically and when we do so, we make sure to notify you by apt means such as with including the revised policy with “Last Updated” date for you to acknowledge the revision. By using our website, you give your consent for the placement of cookies on your computer system adhering to terms of policy. If you don’t want to accept cookies from our site, kindly either disable the cookies or simply refrain using the site.

  • What exactly are cookies?

A cookie is basically a text only series of information transferred by a website to the cookies file of your browser, which is then stored in your system’s hard disk in order to allow the website to recognize you if you revisit the site as well as remembers certain data about you. This might entail the pages you visited, choices you ticked/clicked from menus, any particular information that you might have entered in online forms and the date/time of visit.

  • Types

There are two primary types of cookies as discussed below:

Session cookies: These are interim types of cookies that expire with the end of your browser session, i.e. when you leave a site. These cookies allow a site to recognize you when you navigate amidst pages during single browser session and allow efficient use of the site. For instance, session cookies allow a site to remember that a particular user has placed certain items in his/her online shopping cart.

Persistent cookies: Contrary to session cookies, persistent cookies are stored on your computer during your browsing sessions and stay right there until they expire. These types of cookies allow the site to recognize you when you revisit and remember a few of your preferences as well.

Apart from these two primary cookies, there are other types as well facilitated by a site that you choose to browse, such as our website to provide us or certain third parties with information.

  • How we use cookies?

We utilize session cookies for:

    • Helping us maintain the security as well as confirm your details while you use the site. This averts the need of re-entering all your details again and again.

We utilize persistent cookies for:

    • Assisting us recognize you as a distinct user during your revisit, so that you are saved from the hassle of entering all your details again.
    • Remembering how you have customized your use of website such as preferred time zone and currency.
    • Compiling aggregated and unspecified information for assessment and statistical purposes. This helps us to understand how our users utilize the site eventually assisting us to improve the site.

In other words, we utilize cookies to enhance your experience when using our site. A few of our cookies might store and collect certain personal information such as your email address or name. Not to worry, as we are dedicated in protecting as well as respecting your privacy and thus, ensure that all your personal information is kept confidential.

  • Refuting cookies on our website

Most of the web browsers accept cookies by default. Nevertheless, you can disable the acceptance of cookies through changing your browsing settings. You may even configure the browser settings to accept specific cookies only or to notify you when a new cookie is being stored on your system. You can also delete the stored data utilized by other technologies similar to cookies, such as Flash Cookies or Local Shared Objects by managing your browser’s settings.

Since our web cookies allow you to experience a few of our site’s vital features, we suggest you to keep it enabled. However, if you choose to disable the same, it might infer that you experienced reduced functionality or may be averted from using the website altogether.